About Us

Death of Classical was created by Andrew Ousley, after he discovered the extraordinary Crypt Chapel underneath the Church of the Intercession in Harlem, and decided that he wanted to create a concert series that would offer a more powerful experience around Classical Music and Opera, and help revive a broader excitement about the art form.

Our Mission

We at Death of Classical understand that what we do might seem a bit weird at first glance... presenting classical music and opera concerts in Crypts, Catacombs, Cemeteries, and other unusual venues, pairing them with food, drink, and spirits tastings. But we promise that our mission is pure: to breathe new life into the art form that we love, and to re-envision everything from programming to production to promotion, in order to create deeply-personal performances that change how people perceive and experience classical music.

In the few short years since Death of Classical was founded by Artistic Director Andrew Ousley, the response and acclaim has been unanimous, with the New York Times proclaiming that "Classical is alive and well and living in a Crypt, with a series of intimate, charmingly creepy concerts that offer tightly focused programs from top-flight musicians." Our concerts – most of which sell out in moments – have been hailed as "transcendent" (Billboard), "emotionally-charged" (Forbes), "numinous and genre-bending" (New Yorker), with New York Magazine praising them as “sensitively programmed events in which music and architecture almost meld," and the culture editor of Vogue simply describing a DoC show as "one of the most riveting and unusual chamber music performances of my lifetime."

Death of Classical has presented some of today's most acclaimed artists, including the New York Philharmonic, Lawrence Brownlee, Laurie Anderson, Caroline Shaw, Jennifer Koh, Rufus Wainwright, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Simone Dinnerstein, Gil Shaham, Alexandre Tharaud, Lara St. John, Conrad Tao, and many more. We've partnered with institutions ranging from Carnegie Hall to the United Nations, and our accolades include making the New York Times "Best Classical Music Concerts of the Year" list, receiving a Classical:Next Innovation Award, The American Prize for the Arts, and WQXR's 'Excellence in Opera' award for the world premiere of David Hertzberg's The Rose Elf in the Catacombs.

Our Fearless Leader

General & Artistic Director

Andrew Ousley is the creator, curator, and fearless leader of Death of Classical. Fueled by a deep passion to share beauty with the world while creating a better experience around Classical Music and Opera, he has built DoC from the idea of a concert in a Crypt, into a performing arts powerhouse.

He is also the President and Founder of
Unison Media, an award-winning, industry-leading PR/Marketing agency for the performing arts. In his non-existent spare time, Andrew runs Burger Club, and his photographs have been published in The New York Times, Associated Press, Newsweek, New York Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer and more.

Our Beloved Volunteers

Bonnie Bee was there at the beginning, moving chairs around in a Crypt with Andrew and trying to figure out how to make this wild, subterranean dream into a reality. Now, as Death of Classical's Executive Director, she combines a deep knowledge of Performing Arts Administration, extensive experience in international development and sponsorship, and world-beating leadership and organization, melding it all into a swirling whirlwind of awesomeness that allows Death of Classical to continue to lead our industry into the future.

Maddie G. brings mad skills to the Death of Classical team. We've tempted Maddie away from the Dark Side (AKA, late night television a la Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon)... and brought them over to the even DARKER side of DoC production. You can find Maddie ruling over the dimly-lit crypts and catacombs of New York City with an iron fist and a velvety touch, laced with a benevolent sense of humor that brings some light to the darkness. Fun fact: one of Maddie's professors played Oin the dwarf in Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' franchise, so you know they learned from the best!

Cindy makes the magic happen - whether figuring out how to get a string orchestra into the Catacombs, setting up lighting with no power outlets in the Crypt, or any of the other countless crazy things that Death of Classical does in its crazy spaces... she pulls it all together with a smile, and sometimes even brings her twin sister in on the madness.

Our shows have limited seating and sell out almost immediately. Join our mailing list, and then get your tickets as soon as you receive the email!

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Our shows have limited seating and sell out almost immediately. Join our mailing list, and then get your tickets as soon as you receive the email!

Or you can also get special access to tickets by donating here: