From the Catacombs

Simone Dinnerstein

A Character of Quiet

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the long version

When the pandemic lockdown set in, Simone Dinnerstein stopped playing the piano. Music did not seem like an adequate response to everything that was happening in the world. In time, a friend convinced her to return to music and record an album in her living room. She chose this music, by Glass and Schubert, because of the pared-down, almost ascetic quality of their music. They both create a feeling of a solitary journey, a character of quiet privacy, asense of time being trapped through repeated vision and revision as the music tries to work itself to a conclusion. 

The short version

Simone Dinnerstein performs Philip Glass’ Etude No. 16 and François Couperin’s “Les Barricades Mystérieuses.”

The Music

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