The Crypt Sessions

Gregg Kallor

The Tell-Tale Heart (World Premiere)

Church of the Intercession 550 W 155th St New York, NY 10032
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the long version

When you’re pianist/composer Gregg Kallor, instead of celebrating Halloween with a $5 mask and one too many Kit Kats, you give the world premiere of your new musical rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-tale Heart for piano and mezzo-soprano-slash-rockstar Elizabeth Pojanowski. A collaboration with On Site Opera, the The Tell-tale Heart features a semi-staging setup by the always-awesome director Sarah Meyers, whom you might know from a little place called The Metropolitan f-ing Opera. Oh, and if you’re Gregg then you also perform your cello sonata, Undercurrent, as well with cello superstar Joshua Roman, just for good measure.

The short version

The perfect, creepy-tastic way to end the 2016 season and enjoy the work of some of NYC’s fastest-rising musical talents.*Thank you to our sponsor Yamaha for the piano!*

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