The Angel's Share

Daisy Press

Hildegard von Bingen

The Green-Wood Cemetery 500 25th St Brooklyn, NY 11232

Performance 1: 6:00 PM  - 8:30 PM
Performance 2: 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Each performance includes an hourlong spirits tasting, followed by a twilight walk through the cemetery to the Catacombs.

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the long version

Hildegard von Bingen was a 12th-century rockstar—German nun, mystic, philosopher, writer, and composer—whose extraordinary visions inspired her groundbreaking, breathtaking monophonic vocal compositions. For these concerts, Daisy Press, an expert and specialist in von Bingen’s music, will perform songs by Hildegard from her album, You Are the Flower, weaving together instrumental drone tones and Hindustani ragas into the fabric of the original Medieval chants. 

Something of a rockstar and polymath herself, Daisy is also a High Priestess at the notorious House of Yes, and has performed on late night like David Letterman, Conan, and Jimmy Fallon with the band Chromeo, as well as at venues ranging from London’s Barbican and Lincoln Center (with Sō Percussion and Steve Reich) to the dust of the Burning Man Festival. Wherever she goes, her performances always offer a fully-embodied, joyful manifestation of the emotional and spiritual potential of music.

The short version

Hear the music of two extraordinary women, separated across nine centuries but joined together by a shared belief in the mystical power of music to heal, transform, and transcend.

The Program

The Music

You Are the Flower - Music from Hildegard von Bingen

1. Favus Distillans

2. Karitas Habundat

3. Laus Trinitati

4. Clarissima Mater

5. Spiritui Sancto

6. Ave Maria

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The Artists

The Performers

Daisy Press

Daisy Press was raised on the buses, planes, hotels, and stages of a large-scale international rock ’n’ roll tour, on which both her parents performed for over 40 years. Since then, she has become a ferocious and ardent interpreter and creator of experimental classical (and non-classical) music in the United States and Europe.