The Crypt Sessions

Jennifer Koh

Alone Together (CAG CryptFest)

Church of the Intercession 550 W 155th St New York, NY 10032

Wine & Cheese Reception: 7:00 - 8:00 PM
8:00 - 9:00 PM

The performance includes an hourlong wine & cheese reception before we descend to the Crypt.

Proof of Vaccination will be required, and we request that audience members wear masks during the performance.

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the long version

Violinist Jennifer Koh has rewritten the boundaries of violin music over the course of her heralded career, performing classics in innovative and different ways, while also building a new repertoire through her endlessly inventive commissioning projects. Join us as Jennifer brings light to the darkest of spaces with her dazzling virtuosity and heart-expanding vision. 

The short version

Come spend time with a living musical legend, as she leads us into the future...

The Program

The Music

Wang Lu: Hover and Recede
Inti Figgis-vizueta:
quiet city (and easter bells from the bowery)
Nina C. Young:
There had been signs, surely
Patrick Castillo:
Mina Cecilia’s Constitutional
Nina Shekhar:
Warm In My Veins
Tonia Ko:
The Fragile Season
Lester St. Louis:
Ultraviolet, Efflorescent
Rafiq Bhatia:
Adeliia Faizullina:
Ken Ueno:
Better Angels
Morgan Guerin:
Together, But Alone (In Quarantine)
Angélica Negrón:
Cooper and Emma
Missy Mazzoli
: Hail, Horrors, Hail

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The Artists

The Performers

Jennifer Koh

Recognized for intense, commanding performances, delivered with dazzling virtuosity and technical assurance, violinist Jennifer Koh is a forward-thinking artist dedicated to exploring a broad and eclectic repertoire, while promoting equity and inclusivity in classical music. She has expanded the contemporary violin repertoire through a wide range of commissioning projects and has premiered more than 100 works written especially for her. Her quest for the new and unusual, sense of endless curiosity, and ability to lead and inspire a host of multidisciplinary collaborators, truly set her apart.