The Crypt Sessions

Sam Boutris

Mozart and Brahms Clarinet Quintets

Church of the Intercession 550 W 155th St New York, NY 10032

Sam Boutris, Clarinet
Brian Hong, Violin
Leerone Hakami, Violin
Sergio Muñoz Leiva, Viola
Sam DeCaprio, Cello

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the long version

The Mozart and Brahms Clarinet Quintets stand as two of the most luminous, soul-shatteringly beautiful pieces of chamber music ever composed. Mozart's has the sound of a single, drawn-out sigh, while Brahms gave us a half-hour of achingly autumnal backward glances - an extended reflection on what might have been. Both are shot through with the same musical and emotional DNA, and play like two sides of the same beautiful, fragile coin.

Sam Boutris, a rising star of the clarinet, will lead a crack team of string players  in what promises to be a profoundly moving evening of music-making.

The short version

The water's warm...come with us and immerse yourself in the wondrous sound-world of these two magnificent masterworks.

The Music

The Artists