The Crypt Sessions

Various Artists

Salon Séance for Benjamin Britten

Church of the Intercession 550 W 155th St New York, NY 10032

Mari Lee, violin
Emilie-Anne Gendron, violin
Tien-Hsin Cindy Wu, viola
Mihai Marica, cello
David Fung, piano 
Sagine Valla, actor
Noelle P. Wilson, playwright
Mikael Södersten, director
Simon Angseop Lee, researcher

Wine & Food Tasting @ 7pm

Showtime @ 8pm

Thank you to our sponsor Yamaha for the piano

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the long version

On December 4, 2019, Benjamin Britten will have officially been dead for 43 years. Generally speaking, it’s tough to track people down after that long, but given our particular proclivity for all things posthumous, we managed to find a way - though not without some help from violinist Mari Lee, and her merry band of musical gravediggers and spirit conjurors.

On the anniversary of his death, these performers will summon the spirit of the composer via a carefully-crafted program, tracing his life through a series of musical movements mixed with read letters and reflections. At the heart of the narrative is Britten’s relationship with poet W.H. Auden, and their struggle to find an answer to a question that remains ever-more relevant in our present day: ‘How can we live in a broken world?’

The short version

Join us for an utterly unique fusion of music, theater, history, and literature, sitting in communion with the departed and allowing them to impart to us some long-forgotten lessons from the not-so-distant past.

The Music

Britten: Quartet No. 1, Op. 25 (1941)
Britten: Selections from Suite for Violin and Piano, Op. 6 (1936)
Britten: Quartet No. 2 in C, Op. 36 (1945)

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