March 27, 2023

Announcing Season 5 of The Angel's Share!

Dear friends,

Over this past weekend, you might've heard the distant sound of joyful shrieking, wafting out over the wind... never fear, that was just us over at Death of Classical Headquarters, unable to contain our anticipation at today's announcement of our new season of The Angel's Share series, in partnership with our dear friends at The Green-Wood Cemetery and Catacombs!

This season grew out of a thought that's been echoing endlessly in my mind: how, despite all of our differences, we all have moments in our lives when we need someone to take care of us. These programs seek to explore that concept on a scale that ranges from the cosmic and communal levels, down to the deeply personal. Byrd wrote his Masses as a consolation to Catholics in a time of persecution, so they could gather together and worship in secret. Eldbjørg Hemsing's Arctic makes an urgent plea for humanity to preserve this fragile world that supports us all. Beethoven's tearfully transcendent Opus 130 string quartet confirms that we can find strength and beauty in our darkest moments. And Tavener's piercing, poignant Protecting Veil provides a reminder that even the divine who walk among us sometimes still long for their mothers to watch over them.

Read more info and get your tix HERE !

Yours, with profound subterranean thanks,