March 23, 2022

Announcing the Angel's Share Season 4!

My dear friends,

It is with sincere excitement that we announce the fourth full season of our Angel's Share series, presented in collaboration with our wonderful catacomb-loving colleagues at The Green-Wood Cemetery.

All of this season’s concerts explore the nature of time – the intersection of the ancient and the modern, what is timeless and what is timely, what perseveres and what passes away. As we continue to endure a pandemic that has fundamentally altered the nature of how we experience time… and while we watch the looming shadows of war and climate crisis that carry with them the feeling that our time might be running out… I wanted to take a moment to sit with the sense of eternity and ephemerality that permeate Green-Wood Cemetery, and reflect upon the precious shortness of life, as well as the cascading ripples of impact we leave in our wake.

I look forward to seeing your shining faces soon, and to sharing some glorious music (and a toast or two) with you at the Cemetery!

- Andrew