January 7, 2019

Introducing... Death of Classical

My dear friends, and fellow seekers of subterranean wonder,

A new year is upon us, and as each trip 'round the sun brings pause for reflection and the promise of change, so we begin 2019 with the official launch of Death of Classical, our new not-for-profit structure for The Crypt Sessions and The Angel's Share that allows us to accept tax-deductible donations via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas - with full 501(c)3 status coming soon - in exchange for access to tickets, special events, heartfelt acknowledgement, and much more!

You can find various levels of support below, with the associated benefits that you get in exchange for being a generous, beautiful soul who supports the creative arts and fuels our crazy dreams...

These donations will allow us to:

  1. Better compensate the extraordinary artists who share their remarkable talents with us
  2. Offer more money to our wonderful venues: the Church of the Intercession and The Green-Wood Cemetery
  3. Commission new pieces from the many incredible composers who are creating the future of classical music
  4. Finally get me that pair of Off-White Yeezys I've been waiting for all these years*

We'll announce our full 2019 season of The Crypt Sessions in the days after the February 5 opening concert, and The Angel's Share season will follow shortly thereafter.Donate before then in order to reap the full rewards of your generosity!

Thank you all for being a part of this wild, wonderful journey.

-Andrew Ousley